Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything is Broken ... Oh Mercy

This is going to be a quick post 'cause I gotta get to work. Turned on the news this morning and the lines from Dylan's song "Everything is Broken" popped into my head. This from his 1989 album "Oh Mercy," which I think is one of his best. Besides the tunes themselves, producer Daniel Lanois found a new fresh sound for Dylan--one that I can still hear in his latest recordings. If you've read Dylan's quirky memoir, it was this album that he was recording when he describes working in New Orleans.

"Everything is Broken" starts of with the kind of great riff I love--a little surfy in this live cut. In my next post, I'll pull up a few more examples of most excellent riffage.

And apropos to the theme of the previous song, here's another from that album, "Political World." I'd rather be posting a live performance, but couldn't find one quickly, so here's the commercial video version.

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